Common Signs I May Have A Drug or Alcohol Abuse Problem

Drugs commonly abused and indicators of use

Methamphetamine –

  • Street names – Ice, Chalk, Crank, Crystal, Fire, Glass, Meth, Speed
  • Looks like – white or slightly yellow crystal-like powder, large rock-like chunks
  • Signs of abuse – nervous, physical activity, scabs and open sores, decreased appetite, inability to sleep, crumpled aluminum foil, pop cans with a hole in the side

Marijuana –

  • Street names- blunt, boom, dope, grass, hash, herb, mary jane, pot, reefer, skunk, weed
  • Looks like- a green or gray mixture of dried, shredded flowers and leaves of the hemp plant
  • Signs of abuse – slowed thinking and reaction time, impaired coordination, paranoia, cigarette rolling papers, small pipes

Heroin –

  • Street names – Big H, Black Tar, Dope, Junk, Skunk, Smack
  • Looks like – white to dark brown powder, or tar-like substance
  • Signs of abuse – track marks on arms, slowed and slurred speech, vomiting, syringes, small glass or metal pipes, spoons, belts or rubber piping used during injection of the drug; dry mouth, nod off suddenly

Cocaine –

  • Street names – Big C, Blow, Bump, Coke, Nose Candy, Rock, Snow
  • Looks like – white crystalline powder, chips, chunks or white rocks
  • Signs of abuse – nervous behavior, restlessness, bloody noses, high energy, increased confidence, runny nose/nosebleeds, because the effects of powder cocaine only last an hour or less the user may leave to get another high

Cough Medicine –

  • Street names – red devil, Robo, Triple C, Tussin, Skittles, Syrup
  • Looks like – liquid pills, powder, gel caps
  • Signs of abuse – Slurred speech, loss of coordination, vomiting, disorientation

Prescription Pain Relievers –

  • Street names – Codeine, Oxy, O.C., Percocet, Percs, Vicodin (Vike, Vitamin V)
  • Looks like – Tablets, and capsules
  • Signs of abuse – Medicine bottles without present illness, prescription bottles missing, disrupted eating and sleeping patterns, short straws and rolled dollar bills used to snort the medication,

Prescription Sedatives/Tranquilizers –

  • Street Names – Mebaral, Quaaludes, Xanax, Valuim
  • Looks like – multicolored tablets, some can be in liquid form
  • Signs of abuse – Slurred speech, shallow breathing, sluggishness, disorientation, lack of coordination

Prescription Stimulants –

  • Street Names – Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin
  • Looks like –tablets and capsules
  • Signs of abuse – lack of appetite, increased alertness, attention span and energy, heart palpitations,

Steroids –

  • Street names – Juice, Rhoids, Stackers, Pumpers, Gym Candy
  • Looks like – tablet, liquid or skin application
  • Signs of abuse – Rapid growth of muscle, opposite sex characteristics, and extreme irritability

Inhalants –

  • Street names – Whippets, Bagging, Huffing, Poppers, Snappers, Dusting
  • Looks like – Paint thinners, glues, nail polish remover, whipped cream aerosol, air conditioner (Freon) and more
  • Signs of abuse – Missing household products, a drunk, dazed or dizzy appearance