Services Available to Help Individuals With Their Daily Tasks

An individual suffering from a mental illness many times finds it difficult to complete basic daily tasks that many of us take for granted.

For example, we know if we are out of milk, we need to go to the grocery store to buy more, and we can handle that without much problem.  A person with a mental illness may see this task much differently.  They may have a fear of public places or interaction with other people.  They may become quickly overwhelmed by the variety of choices, brands or prices.  They could also become distracted by other, more appealing choices before reaching the dairy section of the store, and impulsively buy and spend their money on inappropriate items.

When a person suffering a mental illness reaches a point where their lives become negatively impacted by their illness, there are options available to help.  Family members are a typical source of help, but this can many times be overwhelming and time consuming for family.  Mental health treatment providers are trained and ready to make the lives of those suffering from mental illness and their families more manageable.  If someone you know needs more help than you can handle, please call one of our local treatment providers for more information on services like Case Management, Individual or Group Counseling, or Social Recreation and Life-Skills Training solutions.